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Los Gatos, How Do I Love Thee

Shocker, but we made an early morning departure from San Evaristo. Yes, there is a theme on Strikhedonia… We had a nice trip north, and managed so sail the last few hours without the rumble of the engine. When we arrived in the anchorage we waved to our friends Nancy and Mike on Shanti, then found a good spot a…

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Paradise, er Los Gatos

I make no bones about it, Los Gatos is my favorite spot in the Baja. I could plop down there and stay for months. So you may be asking why we only stayed one night? Well to be honest the swell here can suck ass. And indeed it did. There were four foot roller that wrapped around and rolled us…

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Beautiful Los Gatos

There is something special about pulling into an empty anchorage. One so beautiful as Los Gatos and it is truly a magical experience. Further from the beach than normal due to the shallow sloping shore but it was nice to be anchored in only ten feet of water, a far cry from our typical 20-25 feet. Jean was looking for…

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