Beautiful Los Gatos

There is something special about pulling into an empty anchorage. One so beautiful as Los Gatos and it is truly a magical experience. Further from the beach than normal due to the shallow sloping shore but it was nice to be anchored in only ten feet of water, a far cry from our typical 20-25 feet.

Jean was looking for some down time so I took the dinghy in for a bit of exploring and hiking. I am still kicking myself for forgetting my camera as the water was like glass and the sun was hitting the hills casting an incredible glow. Lesson learned. The water in the sea with no waves reminded me of the crystal clear waters on Lake Tahoe. So blue, so clear, so inviting. Pulling myself away I hiked up the other peak on the north side of the anchorage to the fisherman’s cross before returning to the boat for a well earned cerveza.

Later in the evening we both went ashore, and this time we did not forget our cameras.

A quiet evening was spent watching the nearly full moon rise (previous night in Agua Verde was the full moon). The bright red glow was spectacular. Less than twenty-four hours and I have fallen in love with this place and decided without a doubt, it is my favorite spot thus far.

In the morning we headed back to shore for another hike and I was only slightly bummed to see that the sea side reef had waves distorting the beautiful clear water view the previous morning.

Walking back to the dinghy we ran into a local, who let us know another north wind was coming tomorrow. Since we wanted to anchor off Isla San Jose we made the hard decision to leave a day early so as to get to a better spot in case the wind really kicked up.

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