Paradise, er Los Gatos

I make no bones about it, Los Gatos is my favorite spot in the Baja. I could plop down there and stay for months. So you may be asking why we only stayed one night? Well to be honest the swell here can suck ass. And indeed it did. There were four foot roller that wrapped around and rolled us back and forth all night. Grrr. Regardless, for me, it is still worth the visit.

Afternoon on the beach

Enjoying the view of the hills

Extensive reef around the point

The cliffs drop straight down to the ocean

Some of the sandstone has eroded into human body parts

Nature sure has a way with impressive designs

Intermezzo joined us for a second night in a row (last night was in Agua Verde)

These may not look like much from afar but these four footers get Strikhedonia (and Intermezzo) rolling pretty good

The sharpness of rocks is something else

Sunrise peeking around the point

Strikhedonia patiently waiting

The valleys still have green from the summer storms

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