An afternoon and night in Punta Colorado

The cruising guide mentioned Punta Colorado as a small, quiet anchorage that is rarely visited. Ha! Either we were unlucky or the times have changed. It is indeed a small anchorage and we pulled in to find four other boats already tucked away. We managed to find a more exposed spot that was barely far enough off the reef. But the bonus was snorkeling was super close, so that is a win.

The snorkeling was alright but the number of fish was much less than other places we visited. Just before the sun dipped below the hills, a neighbor stopped by to say hello. He went on to explain that the previous night poachers had come in but he was able to scare them off with a spotlight. Sadly, this is part of life in the Baja. I can sympathize with the poor people trying to get by but they must be shown how to fish in a sustainable method or this resource will be lost. Agua Verde is a great example, they now rotate their fishing grounds and each boat’s catch is weighed and the species is recorded. From those visiting Agua Verde for more than ten years, we understand the homes and trucks in the village are much nicer than years past so it must be working. Hopefully the word can get out before the fishing reaches a tipping point.

Afternoon view, quite stunning

Morning view, holy shit stunning

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