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Add certification to N241VP

No not the Airworthiness, but rather certification of the transponder and static systems. This was a much more involved process than I expected. All told it took three and a half hours. A good chunk of that was fixing leaks. At every threaded fitting there was a leak. I had used teflon tape but the system still leaked. Could have…

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Lots of boxes checked today!

I have been bouncing around a bit lately and not getting a ton of items finished. Today I was able to check off a number of items and the biggest on being the ER tank installation (ended up taking 58.5 hours). Installed the connectors for the roll trim servo. I can now properly say that the wings are just about…

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Let the electrical install commence

Today was a bit of jumping around. I got a number of the wires pulled through the airframe, mounted the magnometer bracket, got the static ports ProSealed. A big chunk of the day was spent on getting the wheels mounted. The Matco wheels/brakes was pretty straight forward to figure out the order of installation, wheels on the axles the next…

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