Add certification to N241VP

No not the Airworthiness, but rather certification of the transponder and static systems. This was a much more involved process than I expected. All told it took three and a half hours. A good chunk of that was fixing leaks. At every threaded fitting there was a leak. I had used teflon tape but the system still leaked. Could have needed more torque on the fitting or more teflon tape, either way both were adjusted and we are now IFR certified – at least as the transponders and static systems are concerned.

My morning before the system testing was spent on the oil door. This thing kicked my ass. Much like the aux tank fuel access door, I got to drill/mount the hinge twice. Please don’t ask. Anyhow it is done, closes very tight and looks good. Well after the holes are plugged it will look good. Also got the top cowl hinge edges sanded after adding to them way back when.

I had enough cowling time, I switched gears and got the left wing tip installed, followed by installing the FlyLEDs lights, followed by installing the Plexi-glass light cover. Check that off the list. I then went back to the right wing tip fuel access door. I had the pieces cut out and was able to get the wing tip plate drilled and cleco’d to the wing tip. Tomorrow riveting and building up the access door.

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