Interior Clean Up

The day started off with making good time on the right wing tip access door. Everything fell into place and soon I had everything cleco’d together and flox between the fiberglass door and the metal stiffener curing. Then is was on to electrical stuff. I knocked out the prep wiring for the right wing tip light. So once the tip is mounted it will only be 5 minutes or so to have the wires connected and the lights ready to test. Then I moved into the cockpit where I terminated all the lighting wires from the wings. Everything went well and the left wing tested out. Whew. When permanently buttoning up the DB-15 that goes to the lighting controller. The shitty, cheap connector from FlyLEDs failed, with the ground wire breaking off of the connector. How the fuck does that happen? And what do I do to fix it in 36 hours before my inspection. O’Reilly’s Auto and Walmart were no go. I’m hoping a thrift store may have an old cable with a DB-15 that I can use to get the lighting back up and working. We will see. It doesn’t help that I have a lot to finish up before Tuesday morning, so it might be an all nighter tomorrow.

From there I moved to cleaning the interior, final assembly of the panel (including checking on the GTN xi Configuration Module (don’t ask). Installing the center console, mounting the seat belts, and installing the pilot seat. That took six hours…

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