Big final push

My work day started at 4:00am and I put in 16 hours getting my plane ready for tomorrows inspection. And yes, I am exhausted. But I should be ready to go after a few hours checking the final items off the list.

Today I finally got around to the louvers on the bottom cowling. This was a time consuming process due to lots of pieces to test fit that required putting the cowl on and taking it off four times. Then cutting the slots was a chunk of work since I wanted them to look really good. Not sure why since no one will ever see them but I will know…

After the bottom cowl I finished up the right wing tip fuel access door. This damn thing about killed me. The final assembly went quick but the fitting was a process. Interference with a bolt/nutplate, tip/fuel vent, and I hadn’t countersunk the holes enough. All told I think I had the tip on and off four times. But it is good to go now.

I also circled back to the broken DB-15 connector. I think I have a decent fix that will last a week or so until I get a new connector.

A huge help was Don stopping by to go through and look for problems. He is a long time A&P/IA and built an RV-4. So a great person to get another set of eyes and look for any issues. He pointed out a couple of minor things and I feel so much better now that a third set of eyes has gone over everything.

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