With four hours until the inspector arrived it was hustle time to knock off the last few items. First up was installing the lighting and Plexiglas in the right wing tip. After making a few passes on englarging the opening the landing and taxi lights slid right in and from there is was easy going. The wing root fairings were final installed along with the last two inspection plates on the botton of the wings.

The top cowl had never been installed so that was a variable that could mess up the plans. The top hinge pins slid in like butter. The side hinge pins not so much, but with some massaging that hurdle was crossed. And the final screws in the top and bottom cowls could be installed. Inside the plane the light controller and stick wiring were secured to ensure no interference with the control stick and the seat rails were locked into place.

Of course a good wipe down cleaning and shinning up the windows was in order to make N241VP sparkle. Just as I was putting away the final tools the inspector arrived. Whew.

The inspect went smoothly and four hours and fifteen minutes later I had my Airworthiness Certificate!

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