Cowling dias dos

Whew, the cowling is making me work for it. Started and finished the day with sanding. You know my feelings on sanding. In between I fabricated the oil door mounting for the two latches and the hinge. At the end of the day I riveted the cowling/hinge/stiffener together with flox to support curved areas below stiffener. A break in the morning let me get the brackets mounted on the aileron tube for the roll trim servo. And the springs hooked up. It was good to see it work properly and with the correct indicator movement when I was finished. I also took pictures of the last seven or so days of work now that I have my new phone. Whew.

Today’s sanding report:
Air inlet (twice)
Landing Gear slot (once)
Holes for mounting inlet ramps (once)
Oil door (twice)
Oil door latches (once but there are two, so twice)
Top of the cowl, where material was added to make the spinner line up (once)
Forward side of the top cowl (once)

Oh yeah, I peeled off the window protective film!

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