Time is running out…

With my inspection scheduled for Tuesday I am working long hours and on the items that affect airworthiness. Fancy interior and other bells and whistles will have to wait.

I finished the last of the heavy lifting for sanding, woohoo! So today’s three hours of sanding included; pilot door sill and surround, the inside cabin top, and left wing tip Aux tank access door. No doubt there will be more little spots but that covered the big stuff. So happy to have that behind me.

With the door sills complete, I could install the 3rd door latch on both sides. This went pretty quick other than not having the roll pins which required a trip to the store. Once that was done I installed the one-way fuel vent valve and connecting tubing before moving on to torquing all hardware in cockpit for the controls. I reversed four bolts as there was interference with the stick support post and applied torque seal. Continuing the torquing trend I set the final torque to the wing bolts. Last up was beginning to troubleshoot the roll aileron servo position sensor. I’m sure a wire is wrong but I ran out of time today to fix it.

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