Volcanoes, sea caves, and bacon

Technically the rally was over but Bill had heard about Ralph’s multihull rally tradition of a final day French toast extravaganza. But not before we earned it. So Bill, Ali, Alison, Allan, and I got up at the crack of dawn to hike the volcano. Truth be told, our boat got a 15 minute head start but it didn’t take long for Bill and his daughter to catch up with us. The trail has been improved, sort of. For some reason the big rocky section of the hike was extended. Huh, why would they do that? We made the vertical scramble up the top scree section and were treated to the always spectacular views and celebratory group pictures. Bellies rumbling we trundled down the trail where I located the old path which saved us time and our ankles thanked us for the reduction on rock hiking.

Over to Moon Drifter, where the four remaining boats showed up for French toast and BACON. Glorious bacon. Free Luff made a great apple commode to push breakfast over the top. Yum. Then anchors were raised and the fleet disbanded.

We motored over to Vee cove only to find a mega yacht in the anchorage and its 25 foot tender looked to be blocking our entry. Preparing for an argument, as we got close we noticed they were actually leaving. Woohoo! As we passed them the guests on board were taking pictures of our “little” catamaran. How funny that the mega yacht still envied us lowly cruisers. Anchor down we waited for LeAnn and Charlie (SV Juliet) to arrive. Soon we were gearing up for what turned out to be an absolutely, unbelievably, spectacular snorkel. The entire, and I mean entire, cove was filled with millions of sardines. It was like swimming through a video game. And after exhausting that experience it was on to snorkeling the sea caves. Allan gave me a dive light and wow. So many fish. Walls covered in orange and yellow sea anemones forming a carpet on the walls. Lobsters wiggled their antennas at us. And Giant Hawkfish sat still, hoping we wouldn’t see them. Words cannot describe. So much wildlife to absorb.

SV Juliet joined us for dinner. Wine, nuts, and music fed me the energy to whip up spaghetti carbonara for the crew and coupled with Alison’s salad we had a fabulous dinner. Followed up with Leann’s fresh blueberry turnovers for dessert. Yum! Not content to call it a night, the tv was lowered and laughs were had watching The Princess Bride. Shocker, I managed to stay awake for the entire movie. Nearly a first I tell you.

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