Winding up the multihull rally

A day of motoring to Isla Coronado. Whelp at least we weren’t banging into waves. Up the outside of Isla Carmin, around the point and what is that? Wind? Yes! We had a gorgeous downwind sail. Again Free Luff took the east course and managed to sail the whole way. Mad props to them! Again faster than the fleet (gawd I love my old boat) we had our choice of anchorages. Anchor down and time to relax.

Alison and Allan had worked out boat tours on Sea Lark (Xquist 50) which was a beautiful boat, a floating condo with nearly trawler level of space and furnishings. Jeff and Paula were gracious hosts and willing to answer endless questions. I spent some time chatting with their crew, Maggie and Gabriel. Maggie has a 28 foot monohull in La Paz named Om (guess what she does for a living). Gabriel joined for the rally while Maggie has helped them with their boat all season and plans to join Jeff on the bash to Santa Barbara, while Paula will take the airlines home.

Then it was on to Moon Drifter (aren’t we just the social butterflies), where we got to see Ralph and Helen’s old boat now owned by Bill and joined with his daughter Ali and her husband Cori. Super nice people and so great to see the Moon Drifter traditions continued. I helped Bill export all of the waypoints that Ralph had created to a memory card so that he could load them to the new chartplotter his is adding soon. As a bonus I got a copy for Allan and Alison too. Thanks Ralph!

This being the last night of the rally everyone gathered on the beach near sunset for pictures and attempt at conch playing. There were more laughs, stories, and fun times but sadly also “until next times”. Tomorrow everyone would head in different directions.

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  • Helen Marrx June 10, 2022 at 10:33 pm

    Glad to know you saved the waypoints. Ahhhh, beautiful Baja!


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