Waiting out more weather in Puerto Escondido

Well it was an interesting day. A strong late season storm was coming our way with winds forecast to be 40+ knots and heavy rain. The sole reason we took a mooring ball in Puerto Escondido was this event. In the morning we had some light rain but not much wind and around 11:30am there was a break in the weather so we dinghied into shore for some internet and cell coverage. We literally sat down and five minutes later the winds arrived. My guess would be 30 knots with restaurant chairs sliding across the deck and palm frowns getting ripped off. We hunkered down and kept an eye on Strikhedonia in case of any mooring ball failures. Thankfully no drama and I managed to squeeze in a call to my mom and sister. A few hours later the wind was lower and we had another break in the rain so we hustled back to Strikhedonia.

The afternoon had more rain and a couple strong gusts wasn’t too insane. However while eating dinner the strength of the storm arrived. I hustled to turn on the instruments bit thankfully the hard wind only lasted a minute with the steady wind around 35 knots. We ate dinner and watched a movie trying to concentrate over the whistling through the rigging. The rain came and went and the wind relaxed late in the evening and by 1:00am it had pretty much past. Another storm survived, shesh what a bizarre season on the Baja.

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