What a year!

Whew looking back at 2016 I am feeling very good about the outcome. The long awaited trip to the Sea of Cortez accomplished, not only accomplished but thoroughly enjoyed.

It is funny how different an experience will be from what we had dreamed about. Not at all in a good or bad way, just different. The trip to the Sea was such a great experience, even after contemplating all the work, stress, and effort. And after nearly two months, it was still hard to head back to Minnesota – the trip hooked me and left me longing for more.

Ah yes, herd following. Year end summary…

Miles sailed: 1,438
Days spent sailing: 37
Nights at anchor 14
Nights at sea 5
Nights living aboard 98
Number of crew (excluding Chris and Jean) 9
Number of anchorages 7
Number of marinas 6
Numer of haul outs 2
Solar and lithium battery upgrade cost: $6,620
Sail repair and rigging cost: $3,675
Anchor and anchor roller cost: $1,135
Saildrive repair: $4,350
Misc repair items: $7,675
Hours worked: 325 ($30,875 was saved in labor costs)
Estimated refit cost: $54,330

I’m counting down the days until the return, getting the projects knocked off and throwing off the dock lines to explore further north into the Sea of Cortez!

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