Strikhedonia Operational Guides – Engines, Watermaker, Stove, Sailing, Marine Head, Radio, and Systems

Okay I will be the first to admit I can be a bit, um, well, anal. I like things to be done correctly and the right way. To help those that join us I have put together a number of guides.

Do I like having the defined procedures and feel it helps the boat run smoothly? Yes.Is it overkill? Probably. Oh well, it is my boat.

Guide to help with operating the engines

Everyone always has questions about how to use the toilet…

I’ve made a change to my Little Wonder watermaker and wanted a good quick reference guide

While pretty straightforward, stove and oven questions do come up

When the squall hits you better know what to do and this guide hopefully helps educate crew on board

A comprehensive 28 page bound document that covers all systems and operations aboard Strikhedonia, the starting point was borrowed heavily from MokiMak – Thanks Jon!


  • Josh McElwee May 23, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Hey Chris,

    These are amazing! I’m actually chartering out our boat in a few months, and I’d love to adapt these for our boat. Would you be willing to share these docs with me? Would be forever in your debt!

    Also, I noticed in some of your pics that you’ve got a teak-type decking on many areas of your boat? Do you have that in the cockpit? We were thinking of doing something similar, and would love to see pics of what that might look like (if you happen to have any available).


    • Chris French June 2, 2017 at 1:27 pm

      Josh, We just returned from putting our boat up on the hard for hurricane season. I’ll email the documents to you in a little bit. We do have the teak decking in the cockpit and sugar scoops. I’d recommend against it as it gets very hot to stand on. Our friends on JollyDogs are considering a cork product to replace the inside carpets and evidently these are good for outdoor installation too. However, I’d still be concerned with the heat issue.


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