Wyoming BDR (WYBDR) Motorcycle Tour 2022 Day 4, Sections 1 and 2

I give a detailed route description on this page if you are interested.

With rain coming we crossed our fingers and hit the trails at 7:00am. First goal to get to Centennial, WY a hundred miles away. Once there we questioning if we could cross the Snowy Mountain range before getting wet. After a weather check we gave it a shot and had a few sprinkles but nothing severe. The early start got us into Encampment (our planned stop) a bit after 1pm, looking at the forecast for the next day, our chances of riding to Diggs (start of the BDR) were basically 0% so we bagged it and rode home to Steamboat. But mother nature wasn’t done with us yet getting us wet on the approach to Buffalo pass. Luckily it was dry for the trip up and over the pass.

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