2018, it’s a wrap!

It was a good year (queue the broken record), getting further south into Mexico brought some wonderful new experiences, including having fireworks shot at us (St. Patrick’s day festival) and doing some inland travel (Durango). The beauty and kindness of the Mexican people continues to amaze. This year set a few records; most miles in a year and most crew in a year. It was also the year of replacing the standing rigging, so Strikhedonia should be safe for many more years of sailing. I am beyond grateful for all the adventures over the past year and all the friends who I have had the chance to share them with. Here’s to hoping 2019 builds on the success of 2018!

Stats for 2018
Miles sailed:2126 nm
Longest passage:233 nm
Days spent sailing:71
Nights at anchor:79
Nights at sea:6
Nights on the hard:0
Nights in marinas:45
Nights on a mooring ball:14
Nights living aboard:144
Number of crew (all, excluding Chris and Jean):20
Number of crew (family/friends): 12
Number of anchorages:34
Number of marinas:3
Number of haul outs:1

How does this compare to 2017? Check it out
How does this compare to 2016? Check it out

Items over $100
Standing rigging replacement$3,400
Chartplotter repair$400
Replace SB exhaust elbow$130
Replace Port and SB engine hours LCD$233
Replace Port holding tank drain hose$150
Replace Starboard head base$100
Replace Starboard head macerator pump$295
New saloon window shades$340
Recover cockpit cushions$150
Saloon couch cushion covers$340
Add dinghy securing line clutches$110

Here is the 2018 list of boat projects (minor items and maintenance not included):

Add chafe protection to first batten on main sailReplace Gebo screen latches
Adjust SB alternator beltReplace instrument covers
Clean Port anti-siphon valve water mufflerReplace Port alternator belt
Clear blockage in SB head holding tank vertical tube and waste hoseReplace Port head hose, nasty
Clear blockage in SB sink joker valveReplace Port holding tank drain hose
Clear dinghy engine carbReplace saloon window shades
Dissemble and add silicon sealant to SB macerator pump fittingReplace SB engine hours LCD
Fix chartplotter backlight transformerReplace SB exhaust elbow
Glue dinghy rub rail with 5200Replace SB head macerator pump
Glue velcrom on ceiling panelsReplace SB navigation light
Install and test new dinghy propReplace SB raw water impellor
Install clutches for dinghy securingReplace SB toilet water fitting
Install saloon couch cushion coversReplace standing rigging
Liquid rope on stern lineReplace stove rubber bumpers
Lube dinghy wheelsReplace water accumulator tank
Raise dinghy mountReplace Yanmar air filters
Recover cockpit seating cushionsReset LCD display cable on SB engine gauge
Remove twisting on main halyardSaildrive oil change
Repaint anchor chainTighten anchor bulb connection screws
Replace anchor bulbTighten Port alternator belt
Replace base on SB head leaky toilet bowlTighten screws and clean rust off of SB head
Replace BBQ drain hoseUnclog Port holding tank
Replace dinghy propellor shaftUnclog Port holding tank
Replace dinghy stern mounting lineWash anchor chain
Replace FETs in ChartplotterWhip rope ends and treat with liquid rope whipping

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