A rainy day

Last night was not a good sleeping night, Blerg. The anchor chain got wrapped around the float (we had on it to prevent dragging on coral below us), which meant lot of noise and banging. I actually woke up thinking our bridle had broken, so I surprised that it was only the float issue. We decided to make a change to our anchoring arrangement, Carl jumped in the water to keep an eye on things while I brought up the chain, removed the bridle, removed the line clipping the float to the chain, raising a bit more anchor chain and then reinstalling the bridle. Whew, all this before our morning coffee, which was had shortly thereafter. Still groggy the coffee helped a bit.

Overnight and into today we had intermittent rain, it would cycle through misty, light, and then moderate before back to misty. This kept us holed up inside for the morning which worked out well. Carl had a chance to talk to his kids, Apple (tech support issue), and Roxy. Actually, we both got to chat with Roxy. I kept busy posting to my blog content I had already written and pictures I had already edited. It still takes a shocking amount of time to get a post on the site even with all this pre-work completed. But there have been times where I have gone back a few years, reading what crazy non-sense trip I was on at the time.

We did have one bit of morning excitement. Carl had placed the cell phone hotspot in a plastic container which he set on the boom (sail) for better reception. A few hours later we had a huge gust and the container went flying. I searched and saw the container in the water. Oh, fuck. It wasn’t until Carl came out to look down and I noticed the hotspot landed on the deck, only the container was in the water. Whew. I jumped in the water, struggling to find the container from water level Carl searched around a bit before locating it and giving me directions. Disaster averted, yet again.

There was a break in the weather and a tiny bit of sun in the afternoon. I grabbed my snorkel gear and hit the water. In the morning it was crystal clear, now not so much. A bit murky but still an enjoyable time exploring the fish, coral, and water, well that was until my first free dive I heard an outboard engine. Up I popped to see a long boat trolling through the cove. He had been around earlier so I felt comfortable he wouldn’t get too close. More time underwater and I came across the first Crown of Thorns (invasive species) that was killing a coral. I had read there are not a lot of them in Fiji yet, but clearly they are here. And very poisonous to humans so I didn’t get too close. Wanting to check out a different area that was farther than I wanted to swim, I headed back to grab the paddle board. The wind had picked up but still wasn’t too bad getting to the beach. With the rain, there weren’t any guests from the resort so I could check out the cabin, outdoor shower, and beach chairs as well at snap a few pictures. Carl showed up on the beach and we hung out a bit before he started his snorkel back to the boat. I watched him and noticed he was not stopping to look at the reef. Huh, ultimately, I decided to skip the snorkel and paddle back.

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