Almost forgot something important

Laying in bed last night what pops into my mind but that I forgot to pull the wire through the wings for my extended range fuel tank pumps. Ugh, that could have been a pain. So guess what I started my day doing…

Reading through the instructions and reviewing the excellent builders log by Robert Lussow I decided the tanks would need to come off the wings. Guess I spoke to soon yesterday about having them finished soon! There are about 15 bolts and 60 screws that have to be removed, the screws are the scary part, strip one of them out and I don’t know what you’d do. The QB wings had a wide variation in screw torque and about a dozen gave me a challenge. But I persevered and was successful.

The rear avionics tray took a bit as I needed to drill the mounting holes so that they aligned with the Elevator bellcrank. Check.

I began on the Trim mount bracket. The four custom brackets made from angle aluminum slowed me down. I was more precise than necessary but I wanted as close a match as possible. So that about filled up the day. Tomorrow more progress and maybe a completed pitch trim with yaw dampenr. Who am I kidding, everything takes longer than I expect…

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