Fun steps assembling the Trim and Autopilot systems

I started by finishing up fabrication of the two brackets for the Elevator trim. Then on to cleaning and priming all of the parts. Queue the fun, assembling the pitch trim. This went smoothly until testing, the servo hit metal before reaching the internal stop. Need to think a bit about how to correct this, I can’t see any possible way I could have screwed it up. But who knows.

The Elevator bell-crank was next up that went together very smooth, leading to installing the Garmin Autopilot Pitch Servo/Interconnect. I started the instructions at page 1 and knocked on the install. Next up was the Garmin Autopilot Yaw Dampener. After organizing parts I began assembly quickly realizing that the bracket for the Yaw Dampener must be installed before the Autopilot pitch servo. Ugh, how does the manual not highlight this fact. Blerg. So I disassembled the pitch Autopilot, drilled out four rivets, grr more wasted effort (and these were tricky to drill out). Attached the yaw dampener brackets, re-rivet said four tricky rivets and then reinstall the Pitch Servo/Interconnect. Tomorrow morning I’ll finish up the Yaw Dampener install…

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