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New year kick off

Late start today but still made some good progress – started with tightening the jam nuts and torque sealing the Elevator push/pull tubes. Then I fabricated an additional rudder cable guide and got it installed, followed by reorienting the rudder cable/pedal bolts to give more room from the rear seat scat tube and bent over the cotter pin in the…

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Last work day of 2020

Short day today. Adjusted the Elevator push/pull tubes which was a good exercise as I disassembled the front tube to check the thread length on each end. With the Tosten stick grips I cut down the sticks as low as possible and then set the best Elevator Up/Down to the best range. Installed Tosten stick grips and tightend all hardware…

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Fun steps assembling the Trim and Autopilot systems

I started by finishing up fabrication of the two brackets for the Elevator trim. Then on to cleaning and priming all of the parts. Queue the fun, assembling the pitch trim. This went smoothly until testing, the servo hit metal before reaching the internal stop. Need to think a bit about how to correct this, I can’t see any possible…

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