New year kick off

Late start today but still made some good progress – started with tightening the jam nuts and torque sealing the Elevator push/pull tubes. Then I fabricated an additional rudder cable guide and got it installed, followed by reorienting the rudder cable/pedal bolts to give more room from the rear seat scat tube and bent over the cotter pin in the castle nuts.

Next was adding insulation to the tunnel to attempt to reduce heat (a complaint with a number of RV-10 builders). This took longer than one would think with cutting insulation, applying contact adhesive, fitting, and then lining with aluminum foil tape. I sure hope this helps…

Then it was on to mounting the engine cable bracket. First screw in all the tunnel covers and the throttle quadrant. Put in Aerosport bracket – decide I don’t like the angle for the throttle cable. Fabricate new bracket. Bend new bracket. Realize I grabbed 6061 and not 5052 when the metal fractures. Fuck. Find 5052 material, cut to size and mark hole locations, and call it a day. Whew.

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