Tunnel done? I know you have heard this before

So I think the tunnel is done. Well actually I want to give it one last cleaning…

So today was again shorter than normal due to a two hours IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check) in a RV-7A. Went well and technically I’m free to fly IFR. In reality I have lot of work to do learning glass panel flying.

Today began finishing the bracket for the engine controls. Which then resulted in fabricating a spacer to remove a bit of stress (as much as possible) from the sharp bend in the control cables. Nutplates added and everything bolted down it was time to move on to the eyeball firewall pass-thrus. Got those installed, but need a few screws from ACS first. Jam nuts tightened and torque seal applied.

I finally got around to finishing the baggage door that was prep’d and ready over a month ago. The riveting was a bit of a pain but overall not bad. The locking bar took a bit to bend/twist it to make for a tight fit. One more thing checked off the list. Sweet.

For future reference, these are the cable part numbers I used (which were the perfect lengths):
Ordered from California Push Pull

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