Boom goes the traveler car!

Work day, we had a number of things to take care of before departing and the most exciting was getting hoisted up the mast to clean the connection to the wind instrument. The wind direction had not been working for a few days and it is pretty important when sailing. Getting the Bosun’s chair and safety prusik took longer than the job itself. Boat washed, provisions, and breakfast done we were on our way. We had good wind and were soon sailing along at over 6.5 knots on a beam reach.

Coming around the southern point of Isla San Marcos a bit of excitement came our way. The main sheet traveler snapped sending the boom swinging, good that we had a preventer line to keep it under control. Lowell and I got to work installing a backup and fifteen minutes later we were back in business!

Making the turn around Punta Chivato we set our course into and down Bahia Conception which unfortunately put the wind directly downwind. Oh well, the motors would need to do the vast majority of the work. A few hours later we turned towards our anchorage in Santispac which filled the sails and sped us along.

After getting everything secured we piled in the dinghy to hit Armando’s for dinner. Margaritas were off the menu for the night, but not to be deterred Rick and Murril coached our server and successfully secured their margaritas – server was a high school guy and there wasn’t a bartender this night… Enjoying a seafood dinner and good conversations of childhood shenanigans left us not wanting the night to end so we drifted down to the other restaurant for another drink, and some quesadillas para mi. In the pitch black we fumbled our way home.

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