Foodie Adventure in Mulege

Relaxing morning since we only had a few hours to Mulege. Which meant the guys took a morning swim to rinse off. The sea water temp gauge isn’t working so no idea the water temperature but it was definitely the warmest we have seen. Around 9:00am the anchor came up and we motored over the Mulege. Nearly 100% of boats anchor around the corner, outside of the river entrance but Lowell has found the safe passage up river a little bit that affords better protection and a nicer view. Due to the shallow depths we opted for a stern anchor to ensure we didn’t drift out of the hole we were anchored.

Next up was taking the dinghy to shore where we walked across the runway at Hotel Serenidad. They have a beautiful pool/bar area and spectacular buildings and grounds. This would be a wonderful place to stay for a few days. A few drinks by the pool and Lowell headed off to arrange a taxi. They like to use a driver named “Nacho” but sadly he wasn’t answering his phone. Hell, none of the drivers were. After getting help from the front desk for a half hour they let one of the cleaning ladies drive us into town. We tip Jaquelen generously and she offered to come pick us up later. Whew.

Lunch was at a cool place where the owner is dressed in all white with a waxed handlebar mustache. Love the panache. He suggested the just arrived yellowtail. Done and Done. Along with an amazing plate of food our meal started with an incredible vegetable soup. After stops at a few stores and a beer at another bar we were headed back to Gato Loco. I was wiped out after the big day in town and needed a siesta. Badly.

After a rest, Lowell and I pumped up a new paddle board he brought down and everyone took turns cruising around. Shockingly no one fell in the water (it is an inflatable board and a bit tippy). After cleaning up we headed to a beach restaurant for dinner. Richardo’s first stop is always to chat at the bar and he learned that the clams had been caught that morning and that the Ajo (garlic) soup was amazing. Huh, sounds odd but being adventurous we ordered two bowls for the table. Let me just say, this food was unbelievably good. The chef had our dishes dialed in and we just couldn’t get enough of it. Yum.

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