San Juanico to ourselves?

Lowell and I were up before the sun in an attempt to beat forecast winds from the South-Southeast, directly where we were headed to San Juanico. Carefully lifting the stern anchor and following our inbound tracks we escaped the shoals and headed towards the Bahia Conception point.

Attempts were made at sailing but each time the wind was just too tight. But at least the sea state was comfortable and the miles were clicking off. Bellies were rumbling, pancakes and bacon filled them up and as we were finishing up a wind line was visible. Perfect timing! Until it arrived with little more than a few knots. Oh well could be worse. And coming around Punto Pulpito the winds and waves increased. The wave period was down to two seconds and we had about three-foot steep waves, this would roll the boat and cause the engine to cavitate. Turns were taken to cut the throttle when this would happen. A few hours later we made our turned into the anchorage. We tucked in close to shore out of the waves but still enjoying the 20 knot breeze.

Rick jumped in for a swim and a bit later I took the paddleboard to shore for a walk. Of course a stop at the Cruiser’s Tree was needed and the effect of Covid was evident from the lack of talismans from the past few years.

Sundowners over cocktails and tails of the past transgressions push dinner to later in the evening. While tempted with the offer of a Manhattan cocktail I passed. A man has to know his limits. We went to sleep with a gentle rock of the boat. Of course at 11:30pm the wind shifted for the west and picked back up to 20 knots. Anchor watch for me for an hour until I was convinced the anchor had reset after the 180 degree wind shift. Thus is the sailors life.

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