Two hikes in one day? I must be in paradise.

Relaxing morning, for once, since we only had 20 miles to go. I was up before sunrise to hike to the top of a nearby peak(s). Always a favorite of mine when in San Juanico. I toured the estuary and was glad to see there was still quite a bit of brackish water and green in the surrounding plants. Back to the beach I wandered over to a sheltered back topped with the home where the annual spring party was hosted pre-covid. I was surprised to see that a cave that I previously kayaked into had collapsed. Huh, glad that didn’t happen when I was under the ceiling. Figuring the three and a half miles of hiking was sufficient, I paddleboarded back to Gato Loco.

Soon we raised anchor and started the trek to Isla Coronado. Sails were raised but they didn’t help a ton but we looked impressive – that is what I tell each other. A few hours later we tucked in near shore with two other boats. Hot, yep the heat caught up with us so a jump into the water to cool off and swim the anchor. It looked good and once I was refreshed I jumped on a paddle board to visit a neighboring boat. A nice couple on a small monohull were relaxing after a visit to shore. They started in Georgia headed to Brazil around the tip of Argentina and then back up to west side of South America to Mexico (40 days straight). Very impressive. More so with such a modest boat. During that trip, at anchor, they had 70 knots gusting to 90 knots. Wow, that is kicking.

The afternoon was capped off with a hike to the south side of the island. Murril and I followed the path and were surprised to find a topless woman painting. Good thing Murril was there or I would have thought it was my imagination. We gave her space and soon headed back to the dinghy. With it being the last night for Rick and Murril an extra cocktail or two were consumed. Murril mixing up some tasty Manhattans.

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