Two guys off and two guys on

With a 9:00am crew change I left the anchorage around 7:30 for the short hop to Loreto. Then it was “until next time”, provisioning and getting Ed and Eric settled in. By 11:00 we motored our ways towards Ballandra on Isla Carmen. Ed is a big fisherman and he managed to hook to fish which unfortunately slipped off the hook. Damn, not fresh fish dinner tonight I guess.

Once the anchor was down the heat moved in and it was time for a swim to cool off. Bonus, the sea life was good with lots of sergeant majors and other small colorful fish swimming around to check out. Then to the beach for a walk before swimming back to the boat. Ed continued fishing and shortly after I returned he had a nice trigger fish. Fish for dinner tonight? I cleaned it while he worked to get a second one, which would make enough for dinner. The damn Triggers kept biting off chunks of his lure and we ended up with just the one. Damn, not fresh fish for dinner tonight.

As we neared sunset we prepared the dinghy to head to shore for a hike and pictures, only to find a 10 year old patch had failed leaving the dinghy limp. Blerg. Eric and I took the paddleboards to shore while Lowell and Ed works to replace the patch. We made it to the top in time for sunset but the clouds diminished the event a bit. Still beautiful.

Since we struck out in the fish department, we fell back on burgers in the grill with sirachi mayo. No risk of starving on Gato Loco!

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