Bushwacking in San Evaristo

Our guide book mentioned hiking in the hills surrounding San Evaristo along with a lack of established trails. I took this as a fun challenge to bushwack up to the various peaks 750 feet above the bay.

Starting from the beach up the dirt road to the school where I veered off towards a promising looking gully that had hike-able looking rocks

About half way up I came across some burros.

It was fairly easy to forge a path but numerous times there were huge cactus fields to be navigated.

Coming upon a rock cairn I realized I was not the first to make this hike.

Looking off to the North I could see a white looking rock. My first thought was the local fisherman painted it.

Nope, just bird poop.

Nice view of the salt flats

Here is the spot I chose to make my decent back down to the beach.

Here is the route of my morning hike.

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