End of Season Yanmar 3YM30 Servicing

Coming up shockingly fast is hurricane season. Along with the possibility of storms, comes planning for where to go and what work to complete before leaving Strikhedonia for the summer. This will be the first time we have left our boat unattended for many months and with higher hours on the engines from the cruise down the Pacific we wanted to make sure to properly prepare our engines in hopes of uneventful recommissioning in the fall.

While picking up parts to repair the my wonky saildrive, I took advantage of the opportunity to pick the brain of Elias from PacWest. Since they have decades of experience servicing Yanmar engines I was interested to get his perspective on realistic service intervals. I mean really, 100 hour saildrive oil replacement? Come on, who is hauling their boat every hundred hours.

Here is the Yanmar service interval along side the service interval I plan to follow:

YanmarEnd of SeasonEach haul out1000 hours
Clean seawater filter50 hours*
Replace engine oil150 hours*
Replace fuel filter (primary and secondary)250 hours*
Replace engine oil filter250 hours*
Check seawater pump impellor250 hours*
Clean air filter250 hours*
Adjust alternator belt250 hours*
Adjust seawater pump belt250 hours*
Retighten all major bolts1000 hours*
Replace saildrive oil100 hours*
Clean exhaust elbow250 hours*
Clean heat exchanger1000 hours*
Clean check seawater passages1000 hours*
Check fuel injectors1000 hours
Adjust valves1000 hours

A couple of notes on the intervals:
1. Going up to 50 hours over on the 150 hour oil change interval should be acceptable
2. Unless there is visible exhaust issues, the fuel injectors and valve adjustments can be dismissed

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