Circumnavigating St. Kitts via a train

Our circumnavigation around St. Kitts was not exclusively by train, a shuttle carried us to the north side of the island. But I’m getting ahead of myself, with our last day we were debating how we should fill it. Lisa and Andy were keen on a beach day so that left the rest of us to figure it out. When Angie came across a train excursion, Rick piped up that he likes trains, so the decision was made!

The shuttle driver gave us a lift and shared some knowledge and history before dropping us off at the train pick up location. It wasn’t long before it arrived but concerns quickly arose when the guys started getting tools out. Huh, maybe we won’t be taking a train today… Thirty minutes later they loaded us up and off we went, not 10 minutes later the rain starts pouring down. Duh, again we lucked out as it didn’t last long. Just around the corner we came to a stop. Uh oh, another train breakdown? Whatever the issue they resolved it and we were back on our way.

It was a great way to see St. Kitts. From coastlines to small villages, to guys carrying machetes, and even the island’s quarry. Oh and drink lots of mango rum drinks might have led to fall down laughing, yeah I’d say we did it right.

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