How can it be over?

Great time slips by with too much speed. As we closed out the trip I did manage to fit in one of my signature moments – in this case walking a half hour along essentially a highway to the rum tasting. Wonderful smells of exhaust and strong breezes as tractor trailers flew by us, all while in the hot sun. In my defense, Google did make it look reasonable. And we did get to the beach for some recovery time before hitting the rum tour at Mount Gay. So come on, let’s call that a success.

Over the trip we ate, we enjoyed evening entertainment, we filled up on late night pizza, and we took advantage of the break from winter back home. And just like, that we were pulling into port back in San Juan. Damn. I feel so lucky to have friends who would take on this trip with me, it was such an amazing couple of weeks that just thinking about now brings a massive smile to my face. Thank all of you for making my 50th so special and filling me with love. Now about that trip to Greece next year…

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