Food tour in old San Juan

Angie suggested a food tour and it was quickly “yeses” all around. After a short cab ride, the only hiccup of the day came – a passing rain shower. As visions of running from place to place wet and freezing danced through our minds we thankfully were able to push that aside and enjoy a dry tour around Old San Juan. In all we visited five places over the next three hours and learn some history along the way.

Places we visited:
1. Cuatro Sombras: Croissant sandwich with guava butter and ham and cheese, coffee (expensive coffee, $50 per pound)
2. Senior Paleta: Passion fruit popsicle
3. Cafe El Punto: Al palcurria with Puerto Rican pique or mayachu (or both) plus grouper ceviche
4. El Patio de Sam: Chicken mofongo with rice and beans, piƱa colada
5. Chocobar: Quesito (chocolate and cream cheese pastry)

The tour was fun and great way to spend the day and see the area. I’m not a dessert guy, so the two sweets was a tiny bummer but everyone else seemed to like them. So that is what is most important. Across the board our favorite was the grouper ceviche. It was so, so good. Wish there had been a big bowl of it. The “do it yourself” mofongo was fun and tasty too.

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