Day 1 of the Martell-Val Martello IBU Cup race

After a good night’s sleep I fueled up on the wonderful European breakfast at the hotel. I headed up to the biathlon course early as I didn’t know the layout. Parking was very limited so I turned around and found a side of the road spot about 600 meters down the hill. I had some slipping going up, so before heading to the course I installed the snow tires and realized the car tires are for the summer. What the fuck Europcar! It was good to learn how to install the chains in sunshine and with plenty of space.

That solved I hike to the course and watched the men’s race. With time to kill after it completed, I headed to the bar for a beer and some soup. I thought I ordered the zuppe goulash, but chicken noodle was delivered. Oh well. Soon it enough it was time for the women’s race. I had a short visit with Anna before her final warmup and then it was cheering time. With five Americans I worked to cheer for them by name as they cruised around the course. Anna had a very good first three shooting stages (2-1-1, number of misses) with fast skiing she was looking great. Unfortunately the final shooting station was a bust. Blerg. Still she was the fastest skier on the team and it was fun cheering and taking in the excitement of the event.

Back to the hotel I enjoyed my second sauna of the trip followed by some downtime in the “relaxation” room. This is a fabulous hotel. And the food is incredible, for a very reasonable 20 euros I get a five course dinner that is top notch.

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