Travel day to Italy for the IBU Biathlon Cup

Well actually the travel started the day before with a 7:30am flight out of Steamboat for Denver and then on to Minneapolis. Of course the bag with all of my winter clothes somehow didn’t make the two hour connection. Ugh. But after a trip back to the airport at 6:30pm I had my bag and was ready for the real travel to begin.

Minneapolis to Amsterdam. I am willing to admit, traveling over an ocean with a seat that folds flat is huge. While not the best night’s sleep I did sleep four hours. I am lucky to have this luxury. After a three hour layover it was on to Venice where I picked up a rental car and started my trek into the Dolomites. It was about a four hour drive and a much needed break about halfway woke me up with a coffee. It was a relief to pull into my hotel (Hotel Burgaunerhof).

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