El Alacran Eco Whale Watching Resort

After a relaxing crossing, we settled in at El Alacran for an peaceful nights sleep that was nearly devoid of wind or waves. A perfect way to catch up on sleep and get reacquainted with the Baja.

It is magical to watch the sunrise while staring out at the sea while on the Baja, it simply never gets old. Once there was light peeking over the horizan I paddled to shore for a beach walk and to check out the Eco-resort.

Some new friends came to greet me and lead me on a walk

Strikhedonia at anchor

Pups leading me back to their home

I simply love our own private anchorages

As I was starting to paddle back a guy walking on the beach called me back to land. We started talking and it turns out Kevin and his Mexican wife are the owners of Las Animas Baja Ecolodge. As a bonus, he is a former Seawind 1160 owner and got a kick out of seeing “his boat” in the anchorage (Strikhedonia is not the boat he owned but it is the same model). There were four couples who shared an 1160 named Razzle Dazzle and they sailed down to the Sea of Cortez but never made it as far north as his eco-lodge. We talked about about boat ownership, the area, his business, and the whale sharks his clients come to see. Meetings like this point out how small the world is and how interconnected we all are to each other and why I love traveling.

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