Reconnecting with Jolly Dogs in Bahia Los Angeles and a peaceful night in El Pescador

Our friends Mark and Isabel on JollyDog, a sister ship to Strikhedonia, had been in the Bahia L.A. area for a few weeks and our hope was to cross paths before the started moving south. As luck would have it they heard our radio calls and turned on their AIS giving us a rendezvous point. A few hours later we broke up their private anchorage and hopped in the dinghy to catch up over a couple cocktails.

JollyDogs at anchor

As seems to happen when you haven’t seen friends since the summer, the hours past quickly and Isabel was nice enough to invite us for dinner since they had been kicking ass in the fishing department. Heck they even took us out in their dinghy fishing. A good time was had in a beautiful place.

A whale sharks had been seen a few days before we arrived so we paddled the kayak around looking, while JollyDogs headed to Bahia L.A. for some internet and provisions. Sadly it seems that last sharks had moved south. We might have to pony up some money and take a panga out of La Paz one of these days to see these amazing creatures.

After giving up we moved over the Bahia L.A. for lunch and internet time at Guillermos plus a few provisions (the rum supply was dangerously low). Managed to take care of a few internet related items but with the slow speed we moved along shortly after lunch.

Tienda in Bahia Los Angeles

Museum to check out next time we pass through

Small bird island protecting the entrance/exit of Bahia Los Angeles

Just outside of the Bahia Los Angeles bay are a number of anchorages, we decided to check out Punta el Pescandor. We found a nice spot to drop the hook in spite of a few rocks and a shoal that are back behind a small island that gives protection from the east. A closed resort was on the shore (evidently reopening soon) and Vicki took a kayak in to check things over.

Nice evening for a paddle

We were treated to a this stunning moonrise

In the morning we took a leisurely paddle around the pelican island, taking in all the nature of the north sea before making our way south to San Francisquito.

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