The engine sensor grind…

Whew this was a long day. Started with terminating the CHT and EGT wires in the Garmin GEA24 connector. Then moved on to terminating the other end. The grind comes from the awkward spots to cut, strip, crimp, and screw each wire. That could be a pain but the biggest pain was installing all of the Adel clamps to support the wiring. Some went easy and other fought tooth and nail. The most challenging being the four clamps mounted on the air intake manifold. I also made the final cables for the two alternators, and the starter cable. Last wiring project was the oil temperature sensor. This leaves just the fuel flow sensor but I have to wait until the baffles are on for that one.

Put in the fuel lines from the firewall to the fuel pump, overflow fitting, and hose from the fuel pump to the fuel pressure sensor. That was about it – I am tired.

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