Turn on the electricity

I’m not sure why I put off the Elevator trim tabs for so long but hey they are done now. Riveting, proseal, more riveting. Oh and blind riveting. Once the proseal cures I’ll slide in the hinge pins.

The big excitement of the day was finishing up the electrical wiring. I put in the remaining instruments and flips the switch. Well actually it was bit more gradual than than… Started with the Master switch checked everything over, then the ESS bus, then the avionics. Took a bit of messing with the VPX to get the configuration correct and even then a had a handful of instruments that the VPX would kick offline saying there was not current draw. I pulled the GMC507, checked the drawings, metered the wires and confirmed I wired it correctly. Ultimately I had to disable the “fault detect” for the inop instruments – even then they showed no current draw. So I’m worried I have a bad VPX. Monday I will give them a call.

Last on the to do list for the day was mounting the exhaust and getting the CHT and EGT sensors mounted. Love the Vetterman exhaust. Perfect fit, simple install, definitely recommend to others.

The CHTs are super simple, the EGT require measuring 2″ from the flange and drilling a precise hole. Took my time and got all six installed before running the wires to each sensor from the GEA24 in the cockpit. Then I realized I missed the firesleeve on the firewall thru-hull. Oops. Luckily only the pressure sensors and starter contactor signal had to be disconnected. That done I got the firesleeve installed and the clamps tightened down. I’m sure there is a cable I forgot so look for future posts of me kicking myself.

I got the CHT terminated on the GEA24 connector before calling it a night. There is always tomorrow…

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