On to Ensenada Ballena and Bahia San Marte

Damn it was a spectacular sunrise. The clouds and sun made for a colorful start to our day. From there I paddled into shore to make for long morning hiking the hills, sitting and staring the nature, and exploring new some hiking areas. My excursion stretched over two hours. While I was gone Ariel put in a triathlon of paddleboarding and snorkeling. Shalese stuck to the land and enjoyed the beach and running into some friends on another boat. Victor evidently was worn out from the previous night dive and just chilled.

Finally around 11:00am we pulled anchor headed over to Ensenada Ballena to dinghy to the nearby sea caves. Unfortunately the wind kicked up to 15 knots making the open roadsted anchorage less than ideal so I stayed aboard while Victor piloted the crew in the dinghy. Of course five minutes after they left the wind dropped to near zero. Oh well, gave me a chance for some quiet time and a sandwich.

After their return we motor just a few miles further north to Bahia San Marte. We had to skirt numerous underwater rocks to make our way into the anchorage where we dropped in 18 feet of water in our own private spot. I dove the anchor and found it immediately set and a major thermocline about ten feet down where the temperature dropped over ten degrees.

Shalise swam to shore finding a rocky beach and later Victor headed off spearfishing while everyone else relaxed the afternoon away. It was a big dinner night with rib eye steaks, rosemary potatoes, and roasted cauliflower. Bellies full we settled in for a mellow calm night.

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