Big activity day in Los Gatos

Ari cooked us a big breakfast omelet to fuel us for the day and afterwards I kayaked in to shore to hike the peak guarding the bay and over another peak I had worked on a rock cairn last year. It was interesting to see how it had grown. Rather than backtrack I carefully made my way down a gully that had a few challenges but the only injury was when a rock flipped up against my heel. Blerg. Early on my hike a large motor yacht (MV Beanna) came, which was a bit of downer since their nonstop engine operation flooded the bay with noise pollution. I tried to accept it but I struggled to keep it out of my mind. The owners were on shore for beers and exploring and I was greatly relieved to learn they would be leaving in a few hours.

Back on the boat, the crew took their turns snorkeling to a nearby reef and attempting to use the paddleboard – later Shalese added more air which greatly reduced the frequency of falls off the board. We had a great pulled pork roast using Chinese spices Victor had brought with some rice and a salad. We finished eating just in time for sunset and I rushed back to shore for some pictures and time to enjoy the beauty of Los Gatos.

After dark Victor asked me to go snorkeling/fishing with him – I thought it was a joke until I saw him suiting up. Shalese, Ariel, and I put on the movie Red Dragon (Hannibal Lecter series). There were a few distractions with Victor’s return and his excitement over the bioluminescence that allowed him to turn off his flashlight and swim just with the light generated by the sealife. We turned off all the lights and played with them ourselves – this was not the normal kind where you when you hit the water there is an explosion of light. This bioluminescence was always lit up and made the water sparkle at various depths. We finally did finish our movie and at the late hour of 11:00pm we headed off to bed for some sleep.

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