One hell of a fishing day in Los Gatos

Before sunrise we were moving, after just raising anchor I was at the helm when I thought I saw some motion, sure enough we were on a collision course with a boat that had zero lights one. What the fuck. Danger avoided we proceeded to have a ridiculously calm passage to Los Gatos where we ended up being joined by nine other boats, good thing it was so calm.

Anchor set we were off for some spearfishing. Victor and I used the guns while Shalise snorkeled. Within fifteen minutes I had nailed a largish parrot fish. I spend the rest of the session looking for a worthy trigger fish or cabrilla. And search I did, high and low, all around the point we were working in a strong current. Eventually I worked back to the dinghy and shortly learned that Victor had harvested a large 11+ pound trigger fish. Ceviche coming!

A local Manuel, whom I had met before, stopped by for some gasoline and offered to take us lobster hunting. Victor was ecstatic. I thought he would go alone by he really wanted me to join, so I sucked it up and put my wet suit back on. The lobster grounds weren’t super far and the three of us were on the prowl. I shot one minutes in the water and pointed out the honeyhole to Victor who also got one. We spent the next forty-five minutes searching but I couldn’t find anything but small ones that I passed on shooting. In the end we had four lobsters for our boat and Manuel had five small ones to sell to other boats in the anchorage. Once our bounty was back on the boat we passed a 300 peso propina to Manuel and said our goodbyes and thank yous.

Next up was a ridiculous fishing cleaning session. I was so tired by the time I finished up but we had seven servings of fish for the freezer and one for ceviche which Ariel and Shalise chopped and squeezed the ingredients until their hands bled in preparation. I boiled the lobsters and sautéed some green beans. Dinner was great and just after cleaning up we were off to Delta Sizzler.

After watching the sunset from their upper deck and the grand tour of their home (all full sized furniture and appliances, make a guy jealous), followed by some fun (for most) rounds of The Great Dalmuti. I say for most because I held the position peon for most of the game due to exhaustion, bad luck, and no doubt poor play. Around ten we called it a night and slowly made our way back to Strikhedonia where heads immediately hit the pillows and everyone was out.

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