It started with a great hike and ended with a great bonfire!

Our last day in Isla San Francisco started with a mountain peak loop hike. We busted up the tallest hill at a good clip before slowing down to really take in the beauty and peacefulness. We stopped by the hidden notebook to read some of the inspirational entries and make a couple attempts of our own. Ariel was anxious to get back in the water so we continued our hike to “lover’s leap” peak. Our plan for the evening was a bonfire so on the hike down we collected firewood. Our arms got a workout and were well scratched by the time we returned to the dinghy. Ariel dropped her clothes and swam back to the boat while Shalise and I ferried the wood to the fire pit.

After dinner Shalise, Victor and I took the dinghy in for our bonfire. Once to shore Shalise and I built a teepee to get it started while Victor walked over the the salt flats where he found a sailfish skull that he brought to show us. I think he was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t as excited as he was and I really disappointed him when I wasn’t interested in his plan to attached the head to the back of Strikhedonia. I’m the worst. Sun setting we lit our fire and slowly built it up. The wind wasn’t strong but it was blowing some embers, my concerns of starting a wildfire led me to built up a rock wall behind the fire and then filed in the cracks with sand. It was truly an engineering marvel let me tell you. Fun stories and silent stares at the embers melted the time away. The night was getting late, for sailors, so we doused the fire and puttered back to the boat.

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