ER Mounting Day 2

Started the day installing the end ER tank brackets which went pretty smooth. Next was a bigger challenge getting the outboard tank mounts positioned. This seriously took way longer than I would expect but it has to be tilted so gravity moves the fuel to the inboard side of the tank, the wing tips have to fit, and there has to be enough clearance between the tank tube and the lightening hole. Whew. Once that was figured out I took the supplied doubler for the aft mounting hole and remade it properly (straight edges, correct size, and deburred/smooth edges). Drilled, CS, mounted nut plate and then riveted doubler. The four other mounting tabs were not close to the rib they attached to, so I fabricated delrin spacers for each tab. Finally I could drill the holes in the mounting tab/delrin spacer/rib. Tomorrow I can build the two other doublers and get the left tank 100% mounted. Making good progress but installing the tanks definitely makes me appreciate the great parts and design from Van’S!

In addition to tank work, we got the mid-fuselage pitch bell crank installed and finished (almost) the riveting of the fuselage and the tail (earlier in the week we only riveting where the two halves met.

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