ER Tanks have fuel pumps!

Started with making a vacuum adapter for sucking the metal flakes when drilling the holes for the main fuel tank bung. Drilling went well but I did spend about 45 minutes deburring, vacuuming, and cleaning the tanks. I think and hope I got everything. Then it was on to installing the ER tank fuel pumps, once I deciphered how everything should mount I worked on fabricating the doublers, drilling, priming, and finally riveting them in place. It turned out great. I upsized the pump mounting hardware to 1/4″ bolts since that is the hole size on the pumps. Terminated the pump power wire, soldered the pump connectors and tested that I had a ground through the bolt.

The controls were the other project of the day. Fabricated the push-pull tubes. Got them into position and ready to bolt together after I finish the fuel lines (see previous post about issue with Andair valve direction). Built up a bellcrank and got the sticks fitted into the brackets. Holy fuck, was that a lot of work. The welding on the bracket made it a bit oval and the stick is oversized about 25-thousandths. But it is done. Tomorrow they will be drilled and hopefully installed.

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