Full steam ahead

With three of us working I bounced around a bit but my main focus was finishing the Vertical Stabilizer. I had some rivets on the rear spar before I could assemble and start the not so fun riveting which involved reaching way up inside the cavity for a number of hours. I also helped with the fuel valve/lines installation only to be stopped short of finshing due to my ordering the wrong fittings on my Andair valve (make sure you buy the 90 degree fittings).

From there it was work on the Control Approach pedals, the mounting blocks are assembled which allowed us to measure/mark the tunnel cover to be cut, which allows space for the pedal arms. Also ran the rudder cables.

Also on the docket was installing the access panels in the wing for the Hotel Whiskey ER fuel tanks. All I did is drill a few holes but Loyd made the installation a thing of beauty, they couldn’t be more perfect. I’m beyond thrilled (even if they are on the underside of the wings).

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