More Vertical Stabilizer fun before an exciting end of the day.

Finished up the deburring of the holes, counter sinking spar holes, cleaning the parts, and finally priming them. Cue the riveting, today I seemed to not have my head on straight. Half the rivets had to be drilled out either due to incorrect assembly or crappy rivet setting. Ugh, one of those day. But I did get the rear spar assembly 75% riveted, the front spar doubler done. Oh and I mounted for the last time the Nav antenna that will sit on top, securing the cable and getting the cable connected took an extras step since I noticed one of the wires/connectors was not solders.

Then came the excitement, with three of us to work together we aligned the Tail to the Fuselage and mated them. It is really looking like an airplane now. Closed out the day by attaching the Engine Mount. Took a bit of effort to find the bolts and I was thinking they were special bolts, nope just AN6 – helps to read the plans before searching for inventoried parts – see comment above about my head not being on straight. Still and exciting finish to the day!

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