Folks we have a tail!

Before getting to the excitement of the day there was a setback. When placing the Vertical Stabilizer on the airframe it became apparent that my VOR/GS antenna install was for shit. It would interfere with the rudder, fuck me. So rivets drilled, parts removed, doubler and nutplates flipped, and slots cut for the antenna to slide down the VS skins. That was the easy part. Then I fabricated a doubler and piece of aluminum to fit in the gap cut for the antenna to slide down. The first one took forever, the second much, much faster. Then it was on to the service bulletin on the Elevator horns. Two versions later I had a good fix to the issue.

So finally the tail could be installed. Not major hiccups there, whew. N241VP now has all tail feathers installed!

Also prep on the Aerosport carbon fiber parts was completed. Well nearly. The center console has a horrible ridge between the two halves. After sanding, two layers of epoxy were applied. Probably need two more tomoorrow before it can be sanded flat. I sure hope I am the only one Aerosport sent a console that needed this much work to prepare for clear coat…

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