Plugging away on the electrical

Today was spent finishing the nutplates on the wings for the wing root fairings and then back to electrical work. All of the rear plane electrical was completed along with the antenna connectors. Then moving forward I added snap bushings and adel clamps to the 2AWG power cable and finished off the cable with the terminal to bolt it to the firewall pass through. Fabricated the cable for the VPX to the firewall pass through and the cable for the pass through to the starter contactor. Then on to the ground pass through.

Moving to the Elevators, the leading edges were rolled and riveted. Then they were installed, final push/pull tube was fabricated and installed. Checked the angles of the Elevator which required some adjustment as well as the 91.4 degree bellcrank angle. Lastly worked on fabricating the angle aluminum replacement for the elevator horn Service Bulletin.

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